To empower the world today with the data it needs to avert an expensive and tragic catastrophe for the planet and its inhabitants

At AirSensa, we believe that we can use our ground-breaking technology to tackle pollution for good. We work across industries, governments as well as with you, delivering the proof on how our lives are being impacted by air pollution.

Meeting the air pollution challenge for all mankind

Our difference

Unlike other companies or organisations attempting to sell sensors or create small projects using low-cost technologies, AirSensa has a unique software platform (STORRM) that can scale to run hundreds of thousands of sensors (and serve any number of simultaneous users), and we have a business model that makes developing city-wide sensor networks economically viable. And unlike companies showing national or global data on air pollution, we are creating our own hyperlocal real-time data, not simply scraping inaccurate modelled data from existing public sources.

AirSensa’s approach is unique and can create significant positive outcomes for all of us; contact us if you’d like to know more, or to find out how to accelerate deployment of AirSensa technology in your area.