The core of AirSensa’s solution is our cloud software platform

STORRM delivers global scalability, analytics, autonomous sensor management, machine learning, and security across the networks, and generates data and derived data products in real-time.

STORRM is data agnostic, meaning that it can ingest and integrate any location-based data that is authorised from any source.

We integrate data across the whole environmental spectrum in addition to air quality and generate a full, real-time picture of a place, whether that’s for individual industrial premises or a whole city – or indeed a whole country.

STORRM manages every sensor we have installed autonomously to ensure we achieve the highest uptime possible with the minimum human intervention, so networks can be operated in the most cost-efficient manner. This is important when you are constructing very large networks of sensors in urban areas.

External Sensor Hardware

Sensors being deployed currently in AirSensa external monitoring networks use the best available technology from around the world. We are constantly testing existing and new sensors as they appear on the market to identify the best options.

Unlike companies which are primarily sensor manufacturers, we aren’t tied to any one maker or technology, and the STORRM platform enables us to run many different types of sensor easily, so we can always ensure we’re deploying the best available options.

A key part of that testing capability is our core calibration facility based at our labs in Southampton. We test sensors over a long period against statutory-grade reference devices to see how they really behave in a variety of conditions.

Our external sensor units can be specified to fit the environment into which they’re being installed, so we can deploy any combination of sensors within a unit; we can also configure the units to communicate in a number of different ways, again to best suit the place they’re being installed.

STORRM External Sensor Hardware

Late-stage prototype external sensor unit

Internal Sensor Hardware

The AirSensa internal sensor range are all based on a common technology core, the AirSensa v3 reference architecture. Sensors are then produced for a variety of specific applications, all designed to be installed and operated at scale:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Social housing estates
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial and storage premises

Each application requires a different range of sensed phenomena, but all deliver detailed and accurate data in real-time to our cloud platform. Inputs are validated and processed to provide data and reporting directly into existing BMS or other systems and, optionally, providing text alerts to specified contacts so that appropriate action can be taken.

The ability to monitor very large numbers of rooms/spaces across any number of locations from a single seat with automated data provision into existing systems can create significant advantages, for example:

Commercial office buildings: Ensuring the wellbeing of your employees, increasing productivity and reducing sick days, and protecting your organisation from future liabilities;

Social housing estates: Reducing maintenance costs, providing centralised alarm systems, and demonstrating a duty of care for residents;

Schools and universities: Ensuring students are properly protected from harmful pollution;

Hotels: Reducing maintenance costs, and demonstrating healthy in-property environments for an increasingly health-aware clientele;

Hospitals: Monitoring wellbeing of highly vulnerable people, including key pathogen detection;

Industrial and storage premises: Augmenting existing safety and monitoring systems with centralised data aggregation, real-time alerts and reporting, particularly in lights-out facilities; ensuring that storage facilities aren’t being used for inappropriate uses.

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