Gary Barnett

Chief Technology Officer

Gary has been in the software and technology industry for 28 years. He is a highly respected expert, with hands-on experience of innovation, smart cities, and the internet of things combined with an established track record in leadership, consulting, technology development, and innovation. He has been engaged to work with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and Dell. Over the past 15 years, Gary has provided advice to IBM at the most senior levels and worked closely with SAP’s IoT programme.

In the past, Gary has led development teams in mainframe, client-server, and distributed computing environments, and has served as CIO and CTO with several organisations and projects.

Over the past 5 years, he has been actively involved in the design, development, and delivery of a number of IOT projects, working on hardware design, firmware development, and the implementation of high-performance IoT platforms. He has also been a regular advisor to the UK’s Digital Catapult program and IoT-UK.

Gary is a widely recognised expert in the IoT, distributed computing, and application development and has published papers and presented at conferences across the globe on these topics.

Gary has been the CTO for AirSensa from the outset, working with Jonathan, and is a founder of AirSensa.