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Hyperlocal external site monitoring

Internal air quality monitoring

Organisations must protect themselves by better understanding their impact

External monitoring and ESG reporting
AirSensa offers comprehensive Data as a Service (DaaS) monitoring for your organisation. We install a mesh of external sensors across and around your sites which continuously monitors key airborne pollutants.

By installing the AirSensa mesh on your sites, you can:

  • Ensure your ESG reporting is industry-leading with detailed and comprehensive air quality data to support your scope one reporting;
  • Ensure that unintentional polluting episodes are identified immediately through real-time alerts so that swift corrective action can be taken;
  • Reassure employees that they are being protected, both inside and outside your premises;
  • Identify opportunities to make reductions in overall emissions and particularly any concentrated emissions which could produce pollutant hotspots; and
  • Protect the company by enabling it to make accurate disclosures to insurers, and protect against legal liabilities by demonstrating to employees and local residents that they are not being exposed to air pollutants.

Internal air quality monitoring
AirSensa can also monitor your buildings’ internal air quality to ensure you’re meeting relevant Wellbeing standards. Again, we install a comprehensive monitoring solution which reports in real time to our cloud platform, which can aggregate and report information from any number of sites and, if there are problems, provide real-time alerts to specified contacts.

Internal monitoring can also be augmented by issuing AirSensa’s Personal Exposure app to your employees.

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