AirSensa has built a highly experienced executive and advisory team

With members from the technology, financial, real estate, health, insurance, and education sectors.

Advisory Council

SVP at a global Pharma company

Investor & Advisor

Senior VP with long experience in the healthcare industry.

Michael Mowlem

Investor & Advisor

Head of Sandair Private Equity. Formerly LGV Capital and PPM Ventures.

Dr Chai Patel

Investor & Advisor

Businessman and entrepreneur. Chairman of Court Cavendish PE and Elysian Capital.

Michael Brockman

Investor & Advisor

Business builder, founder of the "InsuretheBox" and "Thingco" - sensor-based companies for drivers and the insurance industry.

Dr Jens Mueffelmann

Investor & Advisor

Former CEO, Axel Springer Digital Ventures.

Dr Walter Kuna

Investor & Advisor

Chairman of Evercore Germany.

Professor Pali Hungin


Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University and former President of the British Medical Association.

Professor Carol Adams


Professor of Accounting, Durham University Business School. Leader in integrated social, environmental and sustainability reporting and accounting and strategies to address sustainable development.