Building a better future by empowering citizens and protecting public employees

External air pollution monitoring

Governments are responsible for the health and wellbeing of all their citizens. Despite the known impact of air pollution on public health, the traditional approach to air pollution monitoring is still fit only for statutory reporting.

AirSensa can help responsible authorities to make a step-change in their capabilities to:

  • Reduce public health costs
  • Reduce pollution impact on employees
  • Improve communication with residents
  • Reduce costs and/or generate new revenues across a range of services
  • Defend against upcoming legal liabilities, and
  • Generate insights that can improve the liveability of their urban spaces.

AirSensa technology now makes it possible to exceed public expectation and improve the ability to attract inward investment.

Talk to us today about how very wide-scale hyperlocal monitoring can be achieved without capital expenditure – and even generate a financial return for local authorities. Email us at or find additional contact details on our Contact Us page.

Internal air pollution monitoring

The move to improve wellbeing in workspaces is building around the world. Core to that effort is to monitor and intervene in real-time where occupants are being subjected to inferior air quality.

Up to 30% of public buildings suffer from some degree of sick building syndrome. Poor air quality is not only a health and safety imperative; it is also responsible for reduced productivity and more sick days. Finding and fixing the causes of poor air can produce considerable improvements in these areas, as well as demonstrating a duty of care towards all public employees.

Continuous monitoring producing accurate data can now be achieved as a managed service across any and all local or national authority real estate, including location-specific sensing for all such buildings, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Social housing
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Industrial and storage premises
  • Waste sites

Talk to us today about how very whole-estate internal monitoring can be achieved quickly, and provide a strong return on investment over time. Email us at or find additional contact details on our Contact Us page.