Air Pollution is impacting millions of people every day.
We have the tools to understand it.

AirSensa is developing a range of services so you can understand the air pollution around you. It may be that you suffer from asthma, cardiovascular problems or lung diseases; we can help you identify and avoid hotspots and make changes which will help manage your health. Or it may be that you live in an urban area and want to understand the impact of pollution on your daily commute or just when you exercise.

AirSensa Exposure App

AirSensa Live Pollution App
  • Real-time monitoring

  • Augmented reality

  • Live pollution display

We are developing the AirSensa Personal Exposure App, so you can understand air pollution wherever you are, at any time. Air pollution continuously changes, street to street. We will help you identify hotspots so you can adjust your route or take precautions such as wearing a mask. The app at launch will use the best official external air pollution data we can find but over time will be continually upgraded and augmented through our growing sensor meshes.

The app will use direct data from AirSensa internal monitoring units if you have workplace monitoring, and even at home with our upcoming home monitoring solution.

We expect to launch the Personal Exposure App as a controlled pilot during September 2020, and then a full launch during Q4 2020.

If you’d like to be one of the first to use the app or you’d like to be updated when our home monitoring solution is available please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

COVID-19 Post Recovery App

The link between air pollution and COVID-19 mortality rates is only starting to be understood.

An important study conducted by Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, released 5th April, found that an increase of only 1 µg/m3 in PM2.5 is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate.

There are many impacts of COVID-19 that are not understood. Many recovering patients have damaged lungs and it may impact health in other ways which are not yet known.

To tackle this, we are developing a Post-Covid Recovering Patient app, to help monitor your health over the long term. By self-reporting regularly and whenever you have symptoms, you can provide critical information about your health long term and identify how your health has been impacted by COVID-19. The data will be anonymised and overlaid with local air pollution data. Not only will this benefit you and your caregivers, but will inform scientists trying to tackle the disease. Given the link with air pollution, this will also help drive action from policy-makers on air and other environmental pollution.

To follow the development of the app, and to be one of the first to pilot it, please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

The key to understanding the air pollution affecting you and your family

Home Monitoring

Understanding air pollution around you will soon be possible with AirSensa Home Monitoring. When launched, our sensors will be quickly installed to help you understand the air pollution affecting you and your family.

By continuously collecting data, it will provide you with a real-time snapshot on the levels you are exposed to.

Whatever the time of day, you’ll be able to log into our web portal to view your dashboard. If you are out and about you can use the AirSensa personal exposure app.

Our home monitoring solution is particularly important for people who are concerned about their exposure where they live. You may also have a related health condition which means that closer monitoring is crucial.

Home monitoring means that you know when the levels are exposed and can avoid being outdoors at times when you could be most at risk.

We’ll be launching the AirSensa home monitoring solution in the next few months – watch this space!

We would be very happy to talk you through our services in more detail. Please send an email to or subscribe for updates about our products or services on our Contact Us page.