AirSensa has a world-leading external air pollution monitoring solution to help people, companies and governments understand their pollution exposure down to hyperlocal level.

But we spend 90% of our time indoors, so AirSensa has also developed a range of cutting-edge internal air quality sensors, designed for a range of uses from commercial offices and hospitals to schools and homes.

AirSensa is unique in offering calibrated hyperlocal monitoring at any scale up to national networks, allowing:

  • Companies to monitor all their facilities inside and out from a single seat
  • Authorities to monitor entire cities or even the whole country, and
  • Individuals to understand their personal exposure to air pollution round the clock

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By investing in AirSensa, you are directly helping to solve the air pollution challenge

AirSensa has a deployment strategy for the rapid roll-out of major sensor networks, working with corporate and channel partners such as the UN’s U4SSC program. We are also growing corporate partnerships around the world such as in the GCC region.  AirSensa’s apps programme is kicking off with the Covid-19 recovered patient app, which monitors such patients’ health, particularly in relation to air pollution and is due in May 2020. Later in the year, we will launch the AirSensa Personal Exposure app, which can monitor your personal exposure to internal and external air pollution 24×7.