AirSensa has been evolving responding to market changes since Day One. Initially starting out as a not-for-profit, we built through phases to a large trial in London involving 100 sensors that showcased the need for hyperlocal monitoring. But we realised quickly that to create a tangible and lasting solution at scale, we needed to commercialise to generate a viable and lasting model, something we couldn’t do within the third sector. We knew our solution had a unique value to governments, industries and ultimately to consumers, so it was a natural choice to move into the private sector.

We have been fortunate that our investors to date have provided crucial advice, expanded our network and opened up opportunities. But as we sought to grow our market awareness, particularly amongst consumers, we wanted to look at how we could create a wider investment community.

Crowdfunding provides us with answers to those opportunities. Widening our investor base in this way, by its very nature, widens awareness and support across multiple countries, and enables us to build a community which has a vested interest in our success. We also gain a wider audience to learn from and test new products and services, such as the COVID-19 Post recovery and Personal Exposure mobile apps.

Creating momentum – especially in urban and industrial environments – supports the ecosystem of data that we believe will tackle air pollution. Hyperlocal data, in real-time, can exponentially increase our understanding of air pollution and provide invaluable insights to all of us into how to avoid the worst of air pollution (hotspots) and when and how we should travel to limit our exposure. Armed with that knowledge, we can all make better decisions, whether we’re individuals, city authorities, or companies that may be contributing to pollution levels.

If you’re concerned about the air that you and your family breathe and would like to help us grow our hyperlocal monitoring networks, get involved in our community. And to find out more about our crowdfunding campaign, please go to