Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England and now UN Special Envoy for Climate Change, said in an interview today on Radio 4 that there is an acceleration in recent months in the business world around a rethink of what society wants for the future.

He described how central banks and the financial sector in general are addressing the threats to – and opportunities for – the economy from addressing climate change, and illustrated how this issue has moved to the mainstream for financial investors.  The move to sustainability and greater efficiency is not niche, it’s about the whole economy today.

The key questions are: What’s the plan? Where is the investment going? Where are the technology opportunities in this transition? 

We were delighted to hear this being called out; AirSensa’s solution is exactly what Mark Carney is saying is needed.  We can help legislators and banks understand what and where the huge underlying risks are; and we can help businesses to better track polluting emissions and their risk exposure, while planning for a better future.

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