We are absolutely delighted to have won the EG Tech Awards Wellbeing Technology of the Year 2020, and even more so with the judging panel’s comments:

The judges gave the winner high praise for their engagement with partners to deliver data-led decision-making capabilities. With a strong submission and an even stronger product showing a comprehensive solution to both indoor and outdoor monitoring, the accolade was unanimous for the panel.

We believe that today, more than ever, it’s vital to have a healthy home and work environment.  Along with the exacerbating effects on Covid-19, researchers recognise ever more clearly the overall detrimental impact of air quality on our health. Recently, the EU announced that one in eight premature deaths worldwide is attributable to pollution. Of that figure, a massive two-thirds are related to air pollution.

With AirSensa’s real-time monitoring capabilities, both internally and externally, you can understand accurately what is happening in your living and working environment, 24×7.  Businesses, real estate operators, and homeowners can all – for the first time – access an accurate picture of the air health of their properties.

A huge thank you goes to the whole AirSensa team in the UK and India. They have continued working at full pace on the exciting upcoming developments in our technology and products even through these unprecedented times.

For more information on the awards go to https://www.egi.co.uk/tech-awards/

For more information on AirSensa’s Corporate Air Monitoring Products: https://www.airsensa.com/the-solution/corporate/

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